Jumpstart Cherry Gummies

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Jumpstart Cherry Gummies

Sativa • Full Spectrum • Nano • 500mg THC

Awaken your senses and jump-start your day with a burst of cherry delight! Nature’s Key Jump Start gummies are meticulously crafted for those moments when you need a lively pick-me-up, marrying the energetic essence of sativa with a tantalizing cherry flavor that will have your taste buds dancing.

With 20 gummies per unit and each piece dosed at 25mg of THC, you have the flexibility and precision to choose your perfect level of upliftment. The unit totals an impressive 500mg of THC, ready to accommodate both your light and intense moments.  

Each gummy captures the invigorating spirit of sativa strains, designed to lift your mood, enhance creativity, and give you that much-needed boost to conquer your day.  

Infused with premium full spectrum distillate, Jump Start offers the myriad benefits of the entire cannabis plant, ensuring a rounded and holistic experience.  

In line with modern dietary preferences, these gummies are crafted gluten-free, ensuring a delectable treat that’s suitable for a wide range of enthusiasts.

Adhering to a health-conscious approach, each gummy is sweetened with just one gram of sugar, striking the perfect balance of indulgence and wellbeing. 

Crafted with purity in mind, Nature’s Key Jump Start gummies are made from premium cannabis extracts and natural flavorings, free from any artificial additives. 

Cherish the classic delight of Cherry. Our cherry-flavored gummies are a timeless indulgence, capturing the deep, rich sweetness of ripe cherries with every chew. Precision dosed with premium full spectrum cannabis, these gummies offer a burst of authentic cherry flavor, providing a moment of nostalgic bliss in each delightful bite. 

For those unfamiliar with sativa or THC edibles, start with a portion of a Jump Start gummy. Wait up to 90 minutes to fully gauge its invigorating effects before considering more.  

Keep your Nature’s Key Jump Start Gummies in a cool, dry environment and out of reach of children and pets. Enjoy responsibly and embrace the spirited lift it provides.