Blueberry Gummies 

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Blueberry Gummies 

Indica • Full Spectrum • 1000mg THC 

Experience the timeless allure of cannabis in its most delightful form with the 1000mg Blueberry Indica Gummies by Nature’s Key. Immerse yourself in the succulent essence of wild blueberries that will transport your senses to a serene, sunlit berry patch with every bite. Each gummy is a crafted masterpiece, bursting with the deep, resonant flavors of ripe blueberries freshly plucked from the vine, offering an indulgent, mouth-watering experience.

Each unit packs a powerful punch with 1000mg of THC, ensuring a potent journey of relaxation and upliftment. 

Infused with high-quality full spectrum distillate, the Classic Line Gummies harness the complete array of benefits from the cannabis plant, providing a holistic and enriched experience. 

Created with Indica plant based terpenes for consistent and repeatable effects. 

With 20 gummies in every unit, and each gummy delivering 50mg of THC, you’re empowered to customize your intake to fit your unique needs and desired effects. 

Adhering to a health-conscious approach, each gummy is sweetened with just one gram of sugar, striking the perfect balance of indulgence and well being. 

In line with modern dietary preferences, these gummies are crafted gluten-free, ensuring a delectable treat that’s suitable for a wide range of enthusiasts. 

Crafted with purity in mind, Nature’s Key gummies are made from premium cannabis extracts and natural flavorings, free from any artificial additives.

Considering the potent THC content, if you’re new to edibles or this potency level, consider starting with a portion of a Classic Line gummy. Allow up to 90 minutes to fully experience its effects before deciding on further consumption.

Store your Nature’s Key Classic Line Gummies in a cool, dry environment, and ensure they’re kept away from children and pets. Consume responsibly and immerse yourself in the classic charm of cannabis.