25:10 Orange Pineapple Vegan Gummies

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25:10 Orange Pineapple Vegan Gummies

Hybrid • Full Spectrum • 200mg THC • 500mg CBD

Dive into a harmonious blend of therapeutic potential with the Nature’s Key 25:10 Orange Pineapple Vegan Gummy. Part of our esteemed wellness line, this formulation balances the invigorating properties of THC with the calming essence of CBD, fostering a synergistic experience that speaks to the holistic health enthusiast.

With a thoughtful 25:10 THC to CBD ratio, each gummy is meticulously designed to offer a nuanced experience, allowing the strengths of both cannabinoids to shine.  

Infused with high-quality full spectrum distillate, these Wellness Line Gummies harness the complete array of benefits from the cannabis plant, providing a holistic and enriched experience.

Every unit houses a total of 200mg of THC and 500mg of CBD. This translates to potent, consistent dosing with each of the 20 gummies, ensuring reliable benefits every time. 

Crafted with purity in mind, Nature’s Key 1:1 Wellness gummies are made from premium cannabis extracts and natural flavorings, free from any artificial additives. 

Adhering to a health-conscious approach, each gummy is sweetened with just one gram of sugar, striking the perfect balance of indulgence and well-being. 

In line with modern dietary preferences, these gummies are crafted gluten-free, ensuring a delectable treat that’s suitable for a wide range of enthusiasts. 

Dive into the tropical symphony of Orange Pineapple. A harmonious fusion of zesty orange and tropical pineapple awaits in each gummy, creating a burst of citrusy delight. 

Given the potent nature of the gummies, start with one piece and allow up to 90 minutes to gauge the effects. Adjust your consumption based on individual needs and tolerance levels.  

Keep the Nature’s Key 25:10 Orange Pineapple Vegan Gummies stored in a cool, dry place. As with all our products, ensure it’s kept out of reach from children and pets.